Urbanromantix Moderators


Water taxi in Chicago, IL by Ed Gilardon

Ed is a chef and photographer in Chicago, IL. He loves cats and pizza and taking amazing photos. He is part of Team Pixel


strideby in Chicago's Loop by Stephan mahoney

Stephan Mahoney is a professional photographer in Chicago, IL. You can book him for your wedding here.


@three_p german photographer

Philipp is a photographer who lives in a tiny town near the Dutch border. Philipp works in the world's largest translator's library. He is currently on hiatus from Instgram, but you should look at his beautiful photos anyway. 


Detroit (rock city) photo by Felicia Fullwood

Felicia is a kickass female professional photographer in Detroit, MI. Be sure to check out her YouTube Channel.


photo by London photographer Mina

Mina is a photographer living in London, England UK. She is quickly becoming a Photoshop master- or should we say mistress? You can see how she made this image here.


David Castillo

David Castillo is a New York City photographer. He is the founder of the Instagram page @LordsOfNight and moderates @Urbanromantix @Arkiromantix @USAPrimeShot and @SymmetryHunters. He is also a co-host of the Urbanromantix Podcast